How To Hack A 2GO Account.

2go hack

When trying to hack a 2go account, first you have to make sure that the phone's bluetooth of the person you want to hack his account is ON. 

Then move or copy the person's 2go account from his phone location to his memory card. After you most have done that, then open your bluetooth FTP (If you don't have Bluetooth FTP click here to download free),go to E:/ which is memory card...

press your right hand button, after that, then search for your friend's Bluetooth device which you wan't to hack, when you fined the device click on it so that the phone's bluetooth device and your's will sychronize together, then click on E:/ which is memory card and search for where you have moved or copied his 2go account to, and scroll down to the third file of the 2go account which is rsm open it as a binary, check the right hand side of your screen which is green in colour, you will see the person's 2go Username, if you scroll down small you equally see his 2go Password.

But note that you have to look very carefully for you to be able to identify his Username & Password.

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